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Indoor Windows
Monday at 1 – 2 pm

Jump in Uncle Artys tie dye time machine on Mondays at 1pm and journey to the center of your mind. Indoor Windows delivers you an hour of small psychedelic, paisley prog, garage fuzz and other music to help you plan your escape. Your host and guide Art Walker serves equal doses of cosmic classics alongside obscure gems. Tune in and vibrate to the music of the late 60s from the days when simply thinking could make it so.
DJ: Art Walker

Bear Time
Monday at 3 – 4 pm

Bear Time is an eclectic array of music from around the world, spanning artists, generations and genres.
Lots of Irish, Caribbean, jazz, swing and the Bayous.
Some shows may feature a theme related to a holiday, an event or perhaps the passing of a musical artist.
Bear Time is quality air time.
– Mr. Bear

Monday at 4 – 5 pm

Jazzed, hosted by Petaluma resident Ed Perlstein, will bring an array of classic and contemporary jazz music to the airwaves at KPCA.  Ed’s love of jazz grew out of his music photography, having photographed the Berkeley Jazz Festival during the late 70s for BAM (Bay Area Music) Magazine.  You’ll hear music from Charlie Parker to Charlie Hunter, Dave Brubeck to Dave Grusin, and Dizzy to Duke.  Sit back, get jazzed and enjoy this truly American art form.
Contact host Ed Perlstein with your requests and feedback at

Monday 5-6 pm

Rockpile spins a lively mix of rock and roll, R&B, garage, soul, surf and more. Deep cuts, overlooked gems, rare b-sides, and new stuff too. Your host is Tim Schafbuch.

Rockpile airs every Monday 5-6 pm.

You can find Rockpile online here.

The Mighty Groove
Monday 6 – 7 pm

This show explores the best in funk and soul with classic tracks by the iconic artists, from the 1950s to the 1980s, alongside modern remixes and unusual cover versions.  Tossed in are a substantial number of new songs by emerging artists and from the thriving European contemporary funk/soul scene.  In addition, the show extends into the R&B, jazz, disco, gospel, and Latin genres.  Join host Neil St Andrew and occasional guests.  It’s a killer mix!

The Front Row Radio Show
Monday 7 – 9 pm

Hosted by Nathan Baskett

No current blurb yet


Lulu’s Lunchbreak
Tuesday 12 – 1 pm

Lulu has an eclectic musical taste that spans generations, genres and continents.  More often than not, a Lunchbreak spent with Lulu will revolve around a theme – songs featuring clapping, whistling, days of the week – even murder.  She doesn’t take herself too seriously, and neither should you.  Tuesday at noon has never sounded so good. 


The Dr. Angela Hour
Tuesday 5 – 6 pm

Welcome to the Dr. Angela Hour.  Do you control your mind, or does it control you?  A talk show delving into a range of mind-brain, brain-body, spirit/soul, personal/political, life/afterlife, and other topics, such as:  What is the mind and why do we have one?  How much say do we have in our own behaviors and feelings?  What is “normal” mental health and what is not?  What is this thing called happiness; can we be happy?  What is unhappiness, sadness, depression?  Issues of sleeplessness, anxiety, fear, trauma.  Addictions to sex, love, relationships, people.  Problem emotional patterns & traps, how to break free.  Addictions to pills, pot, alcohol, other drugs.  What is gambling all about?  Is it healthy?  Keys to creativity and why these matter.  The spirit and the self, who and whatever these are.  Life, death, loss, grief, and issues of after-life possibilities.  How do we think; are we free to think freely/clearly? and much more.  Dr. Angela, also known as author, speaker, psychologist and social worker, Dr. Angela Browne-Miller, will delve into all this, sometimes solo, sometimes with guests, sometimes with listeners’ questions.  Email Dr. Angela with your questions at

Lifestyle & Fitness Choice
Tuesday 6 – 7 pm

Al Scardino‘s show will bring together his background as a lifestyle and fitness strategist, nutrition consultant, and med tech to share information, entertainment, and fun about healthy lifestyles and fitness for all.


The 8 O’Clock Rock Show
Tuesday 8 – 10 pm

The show features Greg Randall picking all the music you need to hear from all decades of rock and roll and its roots.

Spinning selections from his own collection, he will cross-fade the pioneers of rock and roll with punk, power pop, garage, Americana, indie rock, blues, glam, and beyond with one mission: to save rock and roll one record at a time!


Women’s Spaces
Wednesday 11 – 12 pm

This show is dedicated to and conducts interviews with ordinary women doing extraordinary things. Elaine first produced the show in 1978 on KBBF FM in Santa Rosa, the nation’s first bilingual radio station, and it lasted until 1981. In 2007 Elaine and her partner Kenneth Norton resurrected the show for TV with her first TV broadcast on Santa Rosa Community station through Comcast Cable Access. In December 2011 she produced her 200th TV show. In September 2012 Elaine again began producing the Women’s Spaces Radio Show on Radio KBBF-89.1 FM out of their Santa Rosa, CA studio.

The Project Censored Show
Wednesday 1 – 2 pm

The Project Censored Show is a weekly public affairs program that airs Wednesdays from 1 to 2 pm Pacific time on KPCA radio 103.3 in Petaluma. The program is an extension of the work Project Censored began in 1976 celebrating independent journalism while fighting media censorship, deconstructing propaganda, and supporting a truly free press. The program focuses on “The News That Didn’t Make the News.” Each week, the Project Censored team conducts in-depth interviews with their guests and offer hard-hitting commentary and analysis on the key political, social, and economic issues of the day with an emphasis on critical media literacy. Beginning in 2010, and roughly 300 broadcasts later, the program is nationally syndicated on 40 stations and growing. To learn how to bring the Project Censored Show to your community, contact or Anthony Fest at


The Rabbit Hole

Wednesday 6 – 7 pm

Music can spark memories or result in discovery, creating a chain reaction that leads the listener on a musical journey that may never end. This is how The Rabbit Hole was conceived; it is representative of my memories and discoveries that result from my love of actively listening to music, continuously doing research, and always learning something new. Each show has a defined starting point, but where my listeners and I end up is a mystery. This is The Rabbit Hole.


The Film Score with DDD
Every Other Wednesday 7 – 9 pm

On The Film Score, I will be playing any and all types of music from films. From symphonic scores to popular radio hits. If it’s part of a movie soundtrack I’ll play it. And maybe a little trivia, too.


Live Crashing Headfolds
Every Other Wednesday 10 pm – 12 am

Website Description: Live Crashing Headfolds is a weekly radio program playing all forms of experimental music from academic and fine art down to home taped noises and industrial crud. 2 hours of music and its opposites. Bring your own questions and leave with new ones.

DJ: Mona



Community Connections: PCRC at Work
Every Other Thursday 10 – 11 am

“Community Connections” is hosted by the Petaluma Community Relations Council. Its purpose is to introduce the community to the many individuals and organizations working to connect with each other; to heal the wounds of division, to work together to build a strong, resilient community, and promote the PCRC mission. Each show features guests and a topic that directly relates to, or impacts, our Petaluma community.

To learn more about the PCRC, or to listen to its previously-aired radio shows, go to: 

The Buff Orpington Radio Show
Thursday 12 – 2 pm

The Sports Roost with Harry Lewis
Thursday 3 – 4 pm

Petaluma has a rich sports history along with active sporting events and fascinating personalities. Harry brings local sports alive with an eclectic mix of current events and stories from the past. Inviting guests into the roost for the show from all forms of sport, and interviews with athletes who grew up in Petaluma or have come here to call it home.

SK8 BEAT with Duke Wagoneer
Every Other Thursday 3:30 – 4 pm

Let’s JAM! with Cindy Thomas
Thursday 7 – 9 pm

Let’s JAM! with Cindy Thomas will provide you with an earful of jammin’ tunes. You’ll hear plenty of rock but be prepared to open your mind to some R&B, jazz, bluegrass and anything else.

Send your comments & requests to
Twitter: @KPCAletsjam
Facebook: KPCA Let’s Jam
Let there be songs to fill the air…
~ Hunter / Garcia

9 – 11 pm

This is Eric Lee here, bass player for the local band Hellbender! I am thrilled to be the host of Metaluma Radio! I’ve been listening to metal since I was a kid growing up here in Petaluma. I always loved music since I can remember, but things really got going around ’83 when the first sounds of thrash metal started circulating around my friends at Petaluma High School. Bands like Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Exodus, and Death Angel were just starting out only had demo tapes that us kids were trading amongst each ourselves, through word-of-mouth, or printed magazines. I started playing bass guitar in a thrash metal band back then and my love for metal just kept growing! I fell in the love with the music, the aggression, the horror, the lyrics, the art work, everything about it changed me forever!! That music spawned several new generations of Metal thru the ’80’s to the present day. Fast forward to now & metal is still alive and breathing FIRE in this town!!
So grab a cold one, CRANK UP IT LOUD & HORNS UP FOR METALUMA RADIO!!!! Welcome children of the night!!! 


Inside Petaluma w/Cindy and Janice
Friday 11 – 12 pm

Cindy and Janice weave the news/information coming from all around town.

Live Archive with Ed Perlstein
Friday 5 – 7 pm

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” ― Plato
The Live Archive Show, hosted by Ed Perlstein, will be playing unreleased live concert recordings.  You heard right…unreleased…and rare.  From Bob Marley to Bob Dylan, you’ll hear tracks from concerts that will bring you right back to that special night you went to see your favorite band.
Ed has been collecting live concert recordings for most of his life; trading with other music lovers around the world.  Now he wants to share them with you.  Join Ed each Friday on KPCA starting at 5 PM for 2 hours of killer live tracks.  Tune in and hear music you have never heard before.
Contact host Ed Perlstein with your requests and feedback via his website

Reggae Radio
Friday 7 – 9 pm

Zoro, with his 20+ years as a DJ, brings his love and knowledge of Reggae music to Reggae Radio every Friday from 7-9 pm. With a focus on Jamaican style reggae music, past and present, Reggae Radio hopes to educate you with the good vibes, keep you up to date on the local Reggae scene and ease you into the weekend. So relax and keep the irie vibes flowing. Special requests are always welcome.


Culture Caravan

Join host Julian Booker to hear a selection of music from around the globe that crosses cultures, genres and borders for a trip unlike any other on your radio dial. From acoustic roots, to contemporary electric sounds, Culture Caravan explores and celebrates what makes the people, places and, most of all, sounds of the world so unique, and in the process, makes it a little smaller for us all to enjoy!


Culture Caravan is produced and hosted by Julian Booker in partnership with WNCW in Spindale, NC.


Recordando Amigos De Portugal
10am – 12 pm

Carlos Medeiros brings you the Recordando Amigos De Portugal show playing a wonderful blend of music from Portugal.

Carlos Medeiros traz para você o show Recordando Amigos De Portugal tocando uma maravilhosa mistura de música de Portugal

Rivertown Poets with Sande Anfang
4 – 5 pm

Rivertown Poets brings you weekly recordings and interviews by local and area poets. We’re the radio arm of the monthly Rivertown Poets reading series sponsored by the Aqus Café since 2013. I’m your host, Sande Anfang. Join us for all things poetry.

Not Your Mother’s Storytime
Sunday 5 – 6 pm

Gather ‘round the radio and hear stories read out loud by Readers Theatre founder Jennifer March. Grown-up stories. Be moved. Be touched. Be horrified. Be enlightened. Reignite your imagination, a rare opportunity these days. Let it stretch its legs and draw you into places you’ve never been, with people you’ve never met, doing things you may never do. Just remember, this is not your mother’s storytime… Visit the Not Your Mother’s Storytime online. Contact host Jennifer March at


The Midnight Skeptic
Every Sunday 9 – 10 pm

The Midnight Skeptic talks about pseudoscience and phenomena that do not hold up to scientific scrutiny.  UFOs, ghosts, complimentary and alternative medicine are some of the topics that are scrutinized. Other topics discussed include liberal/progressive political, environmental and LGBTQ+ issues

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