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Board of Directors


Please download the Election Petition if you live in Petaluma and wish to be on the PCA Board of Directors.

Petaluma Community Access is a non-profit organization governed by a board of elected officials.

The board’s responsibility is to fulfill the PCA mission of promoting the free exchange of ideas and information, as well as to provide access to advanced media communication tools between and amongst our citizenry.


Current Board of Directors


Cindy Thomas

Vice Chair:

Domenica Giovannini


Ronda Black


Randy Stewart


Fred Carroll
Positions Open


City Representative:

Ingrid Alverde

School Representative:


Advisory Council:

Positions Available

Executive Director

Jenny Belway


The Petaluma Community Access Board of Directors comprises several committees. Each committee focuses on specific goals and functions of the organization.

Executive Committee

Shall have the power to act as the Board of Directors in between Board meetings with limited authority.

Finance Committee

Shall review all financial statements, approve annual audit reports, approve the budget and the selection of an independent accountant.

Nominating Committee

Shall carry out its duties of Board perpetuation in accordance with the Bylaws.

Policy & Procedures Committee

Shall review all policy changes as requested by the Executive Director, review all changes to the Bylaws as requested by the Board, and adjudicate any disputes or complaints.

Outreach & Development Committee

Shall initiate and supervise efforts to expand public awareness and participation in PCA, develop fundraising goals and initiatives and monitor the quality and diversity of PCA programming.

Member Advisory Committee

Shall represent the interest and desires of PCA members of the PCA Board, and to organize member volunteers for specific projects.

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Our Mission

Petaluma Community Access, Inc. was founded in 1996 as a nonprofit member organization. We promote freedom of expression in a public voice, provide access to communication tools, and foster the use of media for Petaluma.