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Tasks for Volunteers

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Tasks for Volunteers


Producing members of Petaluma Community Access are required to volunteer with us for two hours each month.  Failure to fulfill this commitment could result in the discontinuation of that member’s program.

By volunteering with PCA, you not only help to support and strengthen our organization,you can learn fun new skills.

Below we provide a list of tasks that need to be done–some are one-time tasks, some are ongoing, and some can’t be done until we open our offices to the public again.  Please contact staff (staff@pca.tv) or a specific member of staff directly about how to best benefit PCA with your skills.


Organizing CDs and LPs in our library:  helping maintain organization and reshelving as necessary (weekly)
Cleaning of Studio A (radio room) (weekly)
Stuffing envelopes for Board election (yearly)
Ripping CDs into our radio automation system (as needed)

Joining a committee counts as time toward volunteer hours as well!!

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Petaluma Community Access, Inc. was founded in 1996 as a nonprofit member organization. We promote freedom of expression in a public voice, provide access to communication tools, and foster the use of media for Petaluma.